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About Foodie Diaries -A Food Blog for Food Love

Hi! I am Monika Bansal – A Food Blogger and A die hard foodie.

I am a foodie by birth and l love to try new and different dishes all the time. My journey as a cook started from school when I started collecting recipes from newspaper. They just kept on getting piled up. Then I just loved to collect the recipes. I used to ask my mom to make me those dishes. My mom only used to cook basic North Indian food. I am fond of new new dishes and different cuisines, I like to explore food.

When i was graduating, I started spending lots of time at home and from then I started cooking. I started with basic recipes like poha, maggi, tea, rice etc. Gradually my interest in cooking increased a lot. I started experimenting and new new veggies, South Indian food etc. My family loves my food. As more and more people started praising me, I joined a cooking and nutrition class with Bella Institute of Cookery in C-scheme, Jaipur.

My cooking classes helped me get that extra edge in my food, i learned a lot of recipes and how to use one recipe as basis for many recipes. Bella mam is a true inspiration for me. She is so active, humble and an amazing teacher for sure.

I learned one thing that anyone can cook if you follow the steps, trust your instincts and cook with lots of love. This blog is my way teaching people the art of cooking.

Apart from cooking, I love going to different places and restaurants and try new dishes, enjoy the dining experience, sharing it with world in form of food reviews. I am food reviewer on zomato also.

About the Blog

The idea of this blog came from my brother and I felt this was his best idea ever. This blog is basically about food, recipes and different food experiences at different places. My brother Abhishek bansal is a software engineer by profession and he helps me with this blog as when it comes to technicalities, I am zero. Through this blog i wish to connect with other foodies and cooking lovers like me. I am a homecook and all the recipes I post come right from my kitchen. Here I will share food recipes, restaurant experiences and some travel stories.

The essence of this blog is pure sinful food love. I will here share the recipes in such form that anyone can cook easily. I believe while cooking it is very important to use your eyes, nose, ears, with your hands. Feel the food you are cooking, ensure the taste before serving food. Most of all cook and serve with love. I am sure you can conquer the art of cooking.

Cook with all your senses and love, eat like you are having the best meal of your life.

Happy cooking. 🙂 Happy Reading 🙂

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